Owatonna United Methodist Church
Wednesday, February 20, 2019
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From The Pastor

Pastor Loren Olson   

     As I am writing this, the ten-day forecast is predicting that winter will maintain its iron grip on our area.  So much for all the El Nino forecasts that predicted a milder than average winter.  Maybe March will be better.


     Of course, we are hearing the jokes about wanting a little more global warming, to which the scientists will patiently explain the difference between weather and climate.  While cruising the Caribbean, I twice overheard people spouting off, denying climate change. They didn’t seem like scientists, but then it is hard to judge when the speaker is wearing swim trunks and drinking too much beer. But from reputable sources, we are hearing the alarms that we are nearer to the point of being able to stem the tide than we think.  If we are going to start declaring emergencies, this is one we really need to do now.


     One of the jobs God gives us is stewardship of creation.  Through much of my time in ministry, creation care seems to be one of those many important issues we keep on the back burners for another time.  But as there was a time for Noah to start building the ark, perhaps it is now the time that people of faith need to take a more visible stance in environmental advocacy, and more actions to shrink our carbon footprint.


     I admit that this is not one of my areas of expertise.  It has been over 40 years since I had a college class on environmental concerns.  But I know a little about what I can do, and so do you.  I think God’s call for the time is for us all to do what we can to care for the earth so that we can pass on a better planet than we found to the generations to come. If we do that, God will bless us, as will the generations that follow.  Be a blessing.




     See you in church…