Owatonna United Methodist Church
Wednesday, December 12, 2018
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From The Pastor

Pastor Loren Olson   

I love this season leading up to Christmas.  There are so many special events, family gatherings, and of course Advent studies and Christmas worship.  I so love gathering with people around the themes of the season and always find it an uplifting time of the year.


     One of the underlying themes of the season is that Joseph and Mary were displaced by circumstances beyond their control.  First they were displaced because they had to follow orders and report for a census in Bethlehem.  After settling in Bethlehem for a time, they were once again displaced, migrating to Egypt because of fear of government oppression and persecution.  Finally, the time came when they could go home.


     I am aware this season of displaced people:  People displaced by wildfires in California, hurricanes in the Caribbean and Florida, political oppression and rampant crime in Guatemala and Honduras, and homelessness growing from addiction and mental illness.  There are people in shelters, in tents, in barns.  There are people under bridges, living in cars, any little nook that shelters them from the wind.


     I will gather in warm homes with family and friends, and enjoy the moments.  I will make a memory or two.  But remembering those not sharing the same warm experiences, I think it is important that we find a way to help those displaced for the holidays, so that next Christmas they might find themselves at home.


I’ll see you in church (our spiritual home for the holidays.)