Owatonna United Methodist Church
Saturday, April 20, 2019
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Weekly E-pistle

I grew up across the street from a Catholic Church and remember Holy Weeks of my childhood being times when cars would be lined up in front of our house every day for all the special masses held that week. When I asked why the Catholics were going to church so often, my parents explained the importance of these days to our faith.  In those times, the city would close down at noon on Good Friday in observance of the time Jesus was on the cross.  The television now tells us it is the season for Cadbury eggs, but there is not much talk about the week that shaped the largest religious movement in the world. Ritual observances have taken a beating in our contemporary culture, and the harm to the national soul is showing. But we can still take the time to remember the dramatic story that moved from triumphal entry, through conflict, trial, suffering, death, and resurrection.  Do remember the opportunity to remember the last supper at our 7:00p.m. Maundy Thursday Communion Service.  The Community Good Friday service will again be at noon at First Baptist Church followed by a lunch at 12:35p.m. May this Holy Week be a time that helps us focus again on the Passion and Easter stories, and the salvation and hope they bring to us each day.
Scriptures for Sunday, April 21:  Acts 10:34-43:  We are witnesses of the resurrection.  I Cor 15:19-26:  Eternal life comes through the resurrection of Christ. Luke 24:1-12:  Jesus' followers were puzzled by the first messages that came on Sunday morning.
9:00a.m.  Staff meeting
5:15p.m.  Jubilee Ringers
6:30p.m.  Chancel Choir
2:00p.m.  Service at Birchwood
3:00p.m.  Service at Countryside
4:00p.m.  Service at Park Place
4:00p.m.  KnitWits
7:00p.m.  Maundy Thursday Service
12:00p.m.  Community Good Friday at First Baptist
9:00a.m.  Worship
10:00a.m.  Sunday School and Coffee Fellowship
Loren Olson
Lead Pastor and Director
Prairie Spirit Cooperative Parish
Serving the Communities of Owatonna and Dodge Center, Minnesota