Owatonna United Methodist Church
Friday, August 17, 2018
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 From Pastor Loren Olson

     I’ve been thinking about the summer days of childhood.  We were out the door after breakfast and off to meet friends for adventures., baseball games, or long bicycle rides.  But periodically during the day, at lunch, supper, and bed time, my mother would step out on the porch and call my name and it was time to leave all the fun behind and touch base at home.

     We don’t do a lot of programming at church in the summer because with people’s schedules it becomes complicated.  But we do call you to worship each week with a reminder that it is time to get fed and to touch base with God.  Whatever pursuits we might be involved with, there are times to go home and see what the family is doing. 

     Summer can be hectic for some with kid activities, trips, and squeezing in cabin time.  For others, it is a leisurely time of year, a respite from the busyness.  Whichever it is for you, don’t forget God time.  After all, what better time is there to give thanks to God than summer in Minnesota.  Be in worship somewhere each week, giving God glory and praise.

      As I wrote before, I have two extra weeks off this summer as part of the Shmita program that pastors in our conference are now being required to do every seven years.  I have made a slight change in my plan for those two weeks.  I will spend one week in study and working on my ministry plan and the second week I’ll be joining a Hurricane Maria Recovery mission trip to Puerto Rico from August 11-18. (As of this writing, there are still a half dozen slots available on this trip.  Give me a call if this would interest you.) 

     See you in church….





We will be seeking to fill part-time staff positions in family ministry and contemporary worship over the course of the summer.  Please keep this process in prayer, asking that God send just the right persons to us to lead in those ministries.  Your prayers and word of mouth promotion could be a key part of this process.