Owatonna United Methodist Church
Wednesday, July 17, 2019
Connecting Caring Learning Serving


 From Pastor Loren Olson


     It’s been a tough stretch for farmers and gardeners.  I hope as we move into mid-summer that the weather shifts into more normal patterns that lead to bountiful crops, a surplus of garden produce, and colorful flower beds.


     I hope our congregation will reap bounteous fruit this summer. Just because we don’t run many program opportunities during the summer doesn’t mean that we quit doing ministry.  We still have opportunities to do good works and make bold witness.  Perhaps you’d like to pick somebody you know who is not presently involved in a worshiping community and find some act of kindness that will bless them.  Or maybe you can find some faith experience to share with them that might lift them up with love and encouragement.  Person to person evangelism is always the ideal and can happen any time of year.


     Summer is also a challenging time for many helping organizations who often find themselves short of volunteers and dollars.  Bring gifts to the food shelf, volunteer with meals on wheels, donate a pint of blood, write a check.  I don’t feel guilty for enjoying a few days at the lake, but I do sometimes think of those who cannot enjoy those experiences, and then I am reminded that I can do more to help.  I know it goes against the narcissism and materialism of our culture, but I still believe that those who receive much, should lead the way in giving much. Praise the Lord that I among those who have received much.


     The old hymn says, “Take the name of Jesus with you…”  Take him with you this summer as you enjoy the season and find time to do good deeds and share good news.




     See you in church….