Owatonna United Methodist Church
Wednesday, December 11, 2019
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Weekly E-pistle

Please be in prayer for the Administrative Council from the Dodge Center UMC and for the Council of Stewards of Owatonna UMC on and before this coming Wednesday, October 23rd.  The Council of Stewards of the United Methodist Church of Owatonna and the Admin. council of the D.C. UMC congregation will be meeting together that night.  The purpose of the meeting is to meet the consultant and hear his presentation to our Prairie Spirit Parish.  Paul J. Murphy will be working with both the Dodge Center and Owatonna UMC congregations during these next 8 + months in a consulting capacity.  He'll be coaching Pr. Scott (our new pastor who is serving as our intentional interim minister until June 30th).  He'll be helping both congregations to do a church "check-up", seeking to see where we are healthy and where our church and parish health can be improved.  We're seeking God's will and guidance in this effort.  We're hoping and pleading for open hearts and minds as we enter into this discernment process.  Updates will be brought to the members of this parish as they are available.  The goal is to be transparent and clear in our communication.  If there are questions, you can either call Pr. Scott at 507-276-0323 or one of the members of the Admin. Council at the Owatonna UMC or one of the Admin. Council members from the D.C. UMC congregation.  Thanks!  
Pr. Scott