Owatonna United Methodist Church
Wednesday, December 13, 2017
Connecting Caring Learning Serving

Weekly E-pistle

    It's been a busy couple of weeks since the annual conference 
approached us with the idea of entering into a cooperative parish 
relationship.  The leadership of the congregations and personnel 
involved in this parish have affirmed that they are willing to jump into 
this adventure for a trial year.  We will be making a formal 
announcement during worship this Sunday and River Valley District 
Superintendent Clay Oglesbee will be explaining this further at 9:40 a.m. 
near the end of first service.  Second service people are encouraged to 
come a little early and join us for this.
      I personally am excited about the possibilities.  I think this 
will be a "value added" experience for all concerned.  The good news for 
those (like me) who don't like change is that this should not disrupt 
any of our present ministries and provide some new perspective and cross 
fertilization of mission and ministry ideas.

We welcome Kaylee Moen to our staff as nursery coordinator.  Kaylee also 
works at Kid's Corner and is involved in the Early Childhood Education 
program at South Central College so brings a lot of experience working 
with younger children to her position.


4:30p.m.  Star Pac
4:30p.m.  Small Blessings
5:00 p.m. Celebration Singers Practice
5:30p.m.  Supper: Dinner
5:45p.m.  RE/Confirmation
6:00p.m.  YSJ
6:00p.m.  Homework Room
6:00p.m.  Prayer--Isaac Room
6:30p.m.  Fifth Wednesday Musicale:  The Gogs
7:00p.m.  Chancel Choir
7:00p.m.  Youth Group

4:00p.m. Knitwits

9:00a.m.  Worship
10:00a.m.  Sunday School
10:45a.m.  Worship
6:30p.m.  Bible Study at Northrop House