Owatonna United Methodist Church
Sunday, September 22, 2019
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Weekly E-pistle

     People keep asking since we are staying in Owatonna if we plan to remain involved in this congregation after September 30.  It is a best practice in ministry that if one remains in a community where one has been a pastor, that one backs away from the place served for a time.  It’s not a punitive thing but a healthy way to allow a new pastor to come in with some space to earn pastoral authority and build relationships.  And it allows some space for the former pastor to create emotional distance from the role of being pastor to the congregation, so he or she might enter back in at a later date as a participant.

     I have two friends who tried to remain in the congregations where they had served (with the blessing of the new pastor,) and they both found it to be too hard to watch someone else lead their congregations differently than they would, and though spiritually mature people, they both left after about a year with a bad taste from the experience.  They both agreed they should have followed my advice to take a season or two away from the congregation before trying to be in the congregation as participants.

     So now it is my time to take the same advice I’ve given to others.  I will continue to hold my church conference relationship with this congregation, and Mary plans to continue to hold her membership here.  But we will take a season or two away, and then evaluate where things are somewhere down the road.

     I want to give you all the assurance that we are not feeling pressured out by some old rule, but recognize that stepping away for a while best serves our mutual interests and is the wisest course of action.

Please sign up to help at Octoberfest which is coming soon:  October 5.

Scriptures for Sunday, September 22:  Jeremiah 8:18-9:1:  Jeremiah laments that his people have not yet found healing.  1 Tim. 2:1-7:  Christ is the one mediator between God and humanity.  Luke 16:1-13:  You cannot serve two masters.



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Loren Olson
Lead Pastor and Director
Prairie Spirit Cooperative Parish
Serving the Communities of Owatonna and Dodge Center, Minnesota