Owatonna United Methodist Church
Sunday, June 24, 2018
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Weekly E-pistle

The faith community across the spectrum has been questioning the wisdom of separating families that have been arrested or detained at the border.  Whatever your broader thoughts on immigration issues, this seems to be a strategy that is inhumane and creates more problems.  It really does not put our nation in a positive light. This could be one of those issues worth making a phone call to our senators and representatives asking for an immediate solution, and longer term, a bipartisan agreement on immigration policy. We need a strong immigration policy because as economists have been showing, with our slow national birthrate and an aging population, we are going to need immigrants to work a lot of jobs and keep the economy growing. 
Scriptures for Sunday, June 24:  I Samuel 17:32-49:  David defeats Goliath.  2 Cor. 6:1-13:  Paul and his co-workers commend themselves to God through hard work, sacrifice, and faithful witness.  Mark 4:35-41:  Jesus calmed the storm.
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Loren Olson
Lead Pastor and Director
Prairie Spirit Cooperative Parish
Serving the Communities of Owatonna and Dodge Center, Minnesota