Owatonna United Methodist Church
Tuesday, October 23, 2018
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Weekly E-pistle

Seeing is believing.  It can also be said that believing is seeing.  What we believe often determines what we see and how we interpret it. Bartimaeus was a blind beggar who because he believed in the possibility that Jesus could heal him, asserted himself in a crowd and won the attention of Jesus.  Because he believed enough to act, he regained his sight.  If we believe in Jesus and act, what might we see that helps us regain  our spiritual sight?  If we regain our spiritual sight, who knows what we might see that will transform our lives, the lives of our neighbors, and maybe even the world.


Wednesday Supper, 5:30p.m.  Chili and Cornbread.  Wednesday Worship, 6:30p.m. 


Scriptures for Sunday, October 28:  Job 42:1-6, 10-17:  Job’s faithfulness leads to his restoration.  Heb. 7:23-28:  Jesus was our once and for all sacrifice.  Mark 10:46-52:  Blind Bartimaeus regains his sight.





4:00p.m.  Charity Circle



9:00a.m.  Faith Circle

5:15p.m.  Jubilee Ringers

5:30p.m.  Dinner:  Chili and Cornbread

5:45p.m. Youth and Confirmation:  Boo for Food

6:00p.m.  YSJ

6:30p.m.  Worship

7:00p.m.  Chancel choir



4:00p.m.  KnitWits



8:00a.m.  Refit



9:00a.m.  Worship

10:00a.m.  Sunday School

10:15a.m.  Adult Sunday School    
Loren Olson
Lead Pastor and Director
Prairie Spirit Cooperative Parish
Serving the Communities of Owatonna and Dodge Center, Minnesota