Owatonna United Methodist Church
Monday, November 11, 2019
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From The Pastor

Dear Friends in Christ,

During the month of November, I think of themes of Thanksgiving throughout these thirty days.  I know that during these 4+ weeks, some people only think of what they're thankful for on the 4th Thursday of November.  (I've heard that some people gathered around a family table, on this holiday I'm referring to, only get to eat after saying what they're thankful for.  Wow!!  ) For me, there is something about the change in seasons and drawing closer to the end of another year that gets me thinking about gratitude during every one of these autumn days.

For one thing, I'm grateful to be able to introduce myself to you as your intentional interim pastor.  I'm Scott Jakel.  I live in Hastings.  I'm in my 28th year of being a pastor.  I serve the Dodge Center and Owatonna United Methodist Churches.  I'll be here from now until June 30th - then I'll move on to my next interim ministry opportunity.  

I'm grateful for the sense that people in this Prairie Spirit Parish are very committed to using the 9 months that I'll be with you to sort some things out.  We'll be benefitting from the use of an outside consultant - Paul Murphy - who will help guide us in a visioning and clarifying of mission conversation and then coach us through an application process that will follow our time of discernment.  God is so gracious to provide me the opportunity to serve in this capacity (because interims are the only types of calls that I do.)  God will bless us mightily as we turn to God and listen to God and to one another with an open, hopefulness in our faith community.  

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!!  May we continue to be thankful even in times of transition - grateful that God is both out ahead of us preparing blessing for us and walking with us each step of the way to give us joy for the journey.  To God be the glory!!  


In Christ,


Pr. Scott Jakel