Owatonna United Methodist Church
Sunday, March 29, 2020
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Mission Opportunities

Community Outreach

Elder Care Facilities~ A team goes out monthly with music and ministry to local areas to reach people that are in assisted living, senior housing, or nursing home care. Help put a smile on someone's face or give a gentle touch to someone. This outreach is open to anyone interested in serving others. For more information please call 507-451-4734 and ask for Linda. Thank you for serving in and around the community to those who can't get out and about!

Operation Classroom

Each year during the fall when schools get back into session the Owatonna United Methodist Church takes up a collection of new classroom supplies from a specific list to send of to another country where these items are not available for their schools to use. Items collected are single subject spiral bound notebooks, wide ruled loose leaf paper, #2 pencils, ball point pens in black/blue/red, hand held erasers, hand held pencil sharpeners, chalk board erasers(not whiteboard dry-erase), chalk sticks, protractors, and rulers. This year 4 large boxes, which is a record amount, were collected and shipped off. This was enough to even allow for one of those boxes to be supplied to our local elementary schools. What a great joy! Thank you for giving to those in need and supporting this mission outreach!

Friends In Need

We support the regular maintenance of financial budget both at our church and the Owatonna Ministerial Association that helps local individuals or families in need of emergency provisions such as transportation, hot meals or temporary shelter. For more details contact us by email using the link on the home page or call us at 507-451-4734. Thank you for supporting this need!

Fall Coat Drive

Each fall in September and November, a collection of donated clean winter coats, gloves/mittens, and hats is made at OUMC. They are then transported to the Steele County Clothesline. The donation bin is located in the Fellowship Hall. If you have items to donate but our collection bin at the church is done you can still take them to the Steele County Clothesline. People are always in need of winter clothing. Thank you for donating!

Mitten Tree

Each year during Thanksgiving and Christmas, OUMC places a  “Mitten Tree” is in the narthex for people to bring mittens, gloves and scarves. Do you knit? Hand made knitted items are joyously accepted too! The items donated are placed on the "Mitten Tree" and then later after the collection, brought to the Steele County Clothesline. Thank you for helping provide much needed winter protection from the cold to those in need!

Minnesota FoodShare Drive

Each year, in the month of March, our church participates in this statewide effort to restock shelves at the Steele County Food Shelf. Non-perishable food and cash are collected and donated. Cash donations are then matched by private company partners around the state.With cash donations to the Foodshelf more food can be purchased with respect to the specific needs at that time. Give with a cheerful heart and be blessed in return. Thank you for supporting this need!

Heifer Project

For many years OUMC has had an annual Heifer International campaign. Members of our congregation buy either shares or whole animals that are used for agricultural and food generation all over the world. Communities receiving the animals or other agricultural products are trained in the care and regeneration of animal offspring that are then given to other community members who do the same. Our annual campaigns have been very successful and take place during Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. For more information and details on the organization go to WWW.HEIFER.ORG  Thank you for your generous support!

Adult Mission

Opportunities are available with respect to adults in helping the Youth Missions. Adults are needed to chaperone youth in all trips, camps, and travel itineraries. We welcome your interest and ideas for specific adult missions. Please email us with your questions and interests using the "contact us" link or call 507-451-4734 Thank you.

Youth Mission

Separate junior high and senior high youth mission trips take place annually. Junior high trips stay within state boundaries. Senior high trips travel to other parts of the country and have gone as far as Mexico on one occasion.Contact us using the link on the home page or call 507-451-4734 for more information. Thank you for your support of the youth missions!